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Discover a world of glamour and sustainability with NV Gown Rental. From Prom to Black-Tie events, we're redefining fashion by offering exquisite gowns for rent at a fraction of the cost.

Our mission is to make every occasion special without breaking the bank. With a seamless 1-2-3 rental process, you can Rent, Wear, and Return your dream gown stress-free. Join the movement – Don't NV! Get NV'd!


Explore the FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your event journey with us.
  • You can make residual income by renting your gown with NV Gown Rental. Every time someone rents your gown NV will charge 20% to manage the rental and send you 80%. Email us at [email protected] and include on the subject line "Rent my gown with NV"

  • 1. Select the gown best for your event.

    2. Wear the gown and look beautiful.

    3, Return the gown within 3 days at no additional charge. We'll take care of the cleaning and return postage for you to ship the gown.

  • No. We'll take care of cleaning the gown once you ship it back to us.

  • No. When you receive your gown a pre-paid postage label will be included for you to return the gown.

  • Please pay close attention to the size and measurements. Each gown has been measured and we also include the models size and height to help you with determining if the gown will fit you. 

  • Each gown is professionally cleaned using perfume free, sensitive skin detergents as needed. 

  • Yes. A security deposit of 100% of the rental is required. For example, if the gown rental cost is $99.00, a security deposit of $99.00 will be required. Security deposits are refundable once the gown has been returned with no unrepairable damages. 

  • You may keep the gown a maximum of 3 days, but feel free to return it the next day or 2 days later. We give you 3 days because we know life can be busy. 

  • Yes. A charge of 30% of the rental will be applied each day the gown is not returned. For exam[le, if the rental of the gown is $99.00 and you are late returning the gown a charge of $29.70 will be applied to your account each day the gown is late. Since customers are able to reserve a gown, it's important for us to have the gown cleaned and ready. Not receiving the gown in the proper amount of time causes an inconvenience to us as a team and to our customers.

Make residual income with NV Gown Rental

Do you have a gown you would like to rent? Let NV rent your gown for you and earn residual income every time someone rents your gown. Email us at [email protected] subject title "Rent my gown with NV"